Print Press,Change or Die

Chris C. Anderson, Senior Editor from Huffington Post

HONG KONG–If a news organization does not change to comply the way readers prefer to consume news, it dies, a Senior Editor from Huffington Post warned yesterday. The emergence of new media and the demise of some newspapers don’t indicate a doom for prints, he added, print can be “successful or profitable” if they adopt changes.

“News is meant to be consumed the way readers demand,” Chris C. Anderson said in an international salon held at Baptist U. He said, in the last twenty years, internet and technology have “revolutionized” the way people consume news. Old news organization will be in danger if they can’t figure out the way news is distributed.

Last month, 80 years old Newsweek announced it will cease print edition at the end of this year and adopt an “all-digital” strategy from next year to rescue the struggling magazine. “Newsweek is a perfect example of how new media shift old news organization,” Anderson said, “moving from print platform to full digital.”

“Huffington Post merges from editorial, reporting community, video, blogging, social media and one package which is easily consumable,” Anderson added, “it enjoys 30.000 blogs, 45.6 million unique views in August, and 9.5 million comments during the last three months.”

Huffington Post was awarded of Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting for David Wood’s “Beyond the Battlefield” this year. According to Anderson, quality, for online news is as important as it is for prints but only provide more exposure of reporters’ work thanks to social network.



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